Shipping & Logistics

We know how important a speedy and on-time delivery is to our clients. Which is why, after managing tens of thousands of tonnes, we have gained the experience to deliver efficiently and on-time.

Our dedicated team handles every part of the supply chain from the plant in country of origin, through to delivery at the customer’s warehouse. In addition to this, we are now providing a number of additional value added services such as warehousing, de-van, drop shipping, bulk handling and screening.

​For all palletised products, we typically deliver DAP warehouse to our clients in 40/45′ shipping containers. In addition to this we can also organise de-van and tautliner deliveries for those that cannot handle containers.

For bulk products we supply on a number of incoterms including: FOB basis where we provide load port warehousing, loading, sampling and analysis. CIF basis where we take care of all ship chartering and those services described above. We also supply bulk FOT at a number of discharge ports in the UK as well as Ex-Store either from port or distribution depots where we provide the additional service of screening the product. In this instance we can supply distributors as little as 10t loads.

Please visit our product pages for information about wood pelletsbriquettes & logs and other biomass.